+ SONAE Project + SONAE Project

Action suggestion algorithm of disaster prevention as a foundation for content development + SONAE algorithm

Unique database of Dentsu Inc., which categorizes from disaster prevention to emergency based on accumulated knowledge on disaster prevention worldwide, is called "+ SONAE Algorithm".
Once information of when, where, and what kind of situation is entered, appropriate content is extracted by subject and theme from approximately 600 findings.
Based on information collected from local governments, broadcasting stations, NPOs, etc., we can produce verified + SONAE content in simple steps. Output is available in both Japanese and English.

Automatic output of disaster
prevention information
suitable for location,time and
purpose from reliable database
Solid information

+ SONAE Algorithm provides disaster prevention knowledge based on information collected from the national government, local governments, companies, NGOs/NPOs, educational institutes, etc.
All knowledge and information is sourced clearly so that reliability can be assessed.

Algorithmic experience

Through + SONAE algorithm, customers can experience providing knowledge optimized for their environment, situation and needs.