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Application for building brand new disaster
prevention infrastructure

In a

Even when Wi-Fi communication is lost during a disaster, mobile phones can connect to
each other and exchange various disaster information.
It is an area network type disaster prevention application that leads
the future of normal disaster prevention contents.

Features of SONAE RING


“Community Information Infrastructure” that distributes daily life information and useful information in normal time, also disaster information and aid information in case of emergency to people in the community.


Functions as an information network connecting various devices such as signage, smartphone, car navigation, etc., in case of emergency.


Possible to provide disaster information by using P2P networks
even if base stations are damaged in a disaster.

SONAE RING is an innovative community information infrastructure that utilizes the latest computing technologies such as P2P networks and information processing that compresses information data securely.

The most distinctive feature of this system is that it provides daily life information and useful information, while also enabling the exchange of data such as disaster information and aid information even when the communication environment of mobile phones and Internet by base stations is disrupted.

By utilizing an autonomous network of devices such as smartphones, digital signage and car navigation systems, we will provide information to people left behind in the city without interruption.

Introducing SONAE RING
through video


01A new, personalized city information infrastructure provided to cities built with disaster prevention thinking

Disaster is unpredictable. In the event of an emergency, you need to be prepared for the day and the right information. What if your smartphone or Internet connection is cut off in the event of a major earthquake or a torrential downpour that has caused severe damage recently?

"SONAE RING" is a combination of familiar objects in the city, such as vending machines at station, traffic lights, bus cars, mail posts and telephone poles, that exchanges data and transmits necessary information while being connected. It will evolve into a city where people, smartphones, and devices around the city are connected, protecting the safety of each one of us and encouraging appropriate actions in the event of an emergency.

02Unique disaster information network tailored to regional characteristics

In towns with SONAE RING, everything becomes a communication infrastructure. By adding sensor functions and communications to existing facilities, it is possible to send and receive more detailed data in order to enable information transmission in narrow areas. We aim to build a more sophisticated network by collaborating with local companies and owners holding various assets.

The town equipped with SONAE RING becomes a communication infrastructure in peacetime and emergency!
The town equipped with SONAE RING becomes a communication infrastructure in peacetime and emergency!
Bus stop

Provides daily life information of the town in peace time and necessary action suggestion according to the situation in case of emergency.


Enables people to take appropriate actions by the announcement from the car navigation system in case of an emergency while driving a car.


Functions by coordinating appropriate actions with electric appliances and personal devices according to the time series before and after the disaster.

Medical institution

For the healthcare at the time of disaster, customized support is possible while working with wearable devices.

Commercial facility

Distributes appropriate information to prevent panic in the event of a disaster at commercial facilities and stadiums where many people gather.

Public transportation

Provieds information according to the places to travel while on board. Shares the latest information on narrow areas even in times of disaster.

We respond to various disaster prevention needs such as;

Want to distribute information from local governments and public transportation in a unified manner in the event of a disaster.

Want to establish a P2P network that links business sites in order to protect the safety of employees in the event of a disaster.

Want to unify the distribution of disaster information between public and private hospitals.

“Keep connected”
gives you peace of mind!
How SONAE RING works

While information distribution has traditionally relied on centralized servers (clouds), SONAE RING uses peer-to-peer (P2P) communication, which connects devices directly using the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other communication features equipped with in each user's smartphone.

For this reason, smartphones with SONAE RING application installed receive information from SONAE RING terminals (= RING boxes) installed in stores and are able to continue necessary communication between users even if the base stations of telecommunications carriers are damaged or servers are down due to concentrated access.

Providing disaster and evacuation information by connecting devices through P2P communication!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to deploy in an existing application?

API is provided, so it is possible to deploy by adding a button.

Q. What is the performance of inter-device communication?

The maximum size of text data that can be communicated is 50 KB. The range of communication between devices is about 70 m in radius in an environment with ground visibility. *Some smartphone phones that support Bluetooth 5 can also communicate in 200 meters.

Q. How accurate is the information linked to GPS?

It is linked to latitude and longitude information, but conforms to the granularity of the information provided.

Flowchart to deployment

Status hearing

We will have meetings to confirm how we can deploy this system for our customers and local communities, if there is any function to add, and so on.

On-site confirmation
and deployment

Verification experiments will be conducted at the site of the deployment site.

Design and submission
for functional structure

We design the functional structure based on the on-site inspection. We check with the customer and confirm the function at the site again.

Final on-site inspection

Based on the results of the verification conducted at the web-based and feature-limited application, the missing functions will be newly produced and the final on-site inspection will be conducted.

Packaging of
on-board equipment

It is finally packaged as an application.

Operation verification

Setting an operation verification period, we monitor the malfunction and operation status again.


We will complete the deployment of SONAE RING, however will continue to carry out maintenance in accordance with the conditions of the city and disasters.

Post-deployment support

Light plan

Email support

Standard plan

Phone and email support

*Please let us know if you would like to establish the dedicated support center permanently or use maintenance service regularly.