+ SONAE Project + SONAE Project

Providing optimal disaster prevention information
in real time
City Watch

City Watch, a disaster prevention service that encourages people to take appropriate action in the event of a disaster,
is an action suggestion display service that can suggest the most appropriate action in accordance with the situation.
Not only outdoor digital signage, but also commercial facilities and condominiums will be
offered on a fixed price basis.

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In peacetime, we distribute information useful for daily life along with educational content for emergency response.
Alert delivery in case of emergency (Earthquakes, tsunamis, wind and flood disasters, sediment disasters, eruptions, terrorism, and heat stroke).
We always try to check the situation and prepare for an emergency.

Five features for emergency situations

Latest information at any time
Real-time advisory and warning

On the basis of 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, advisories and warnings issued by Japan Meteorological Agency are sent out in real time in the units of municipalities.

What should I do now?
Action suggestion content

Disaster information is analyzed using a patented algorithm.
The action suggestion contents necessary for the particular place at the particular time are displayed.

Critical information
sent promptly
Disaster alert

When the disaster information that is expected to cause serious damage is announced, the screen will be switched and disaster alert will be displayed immediately.

Response all over Japan
Information distribution
according to region

It divides Japan into 1769 municipalities and distributes disaster information corresponding to each region.

Follow up even after the
warning is released
Progress information

You can check the progress information even after the announced advisories and warnings are canceled.

We use public information entered into the “L Alert” system provided
by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Also collaborate with RCC Solution's disaster prevention cloud.
Information from public sector and action suggestion content are distributed together.

Disaster Alert and Related Information + Action Suggestion Disaster Alert and Related Information + Action Suggestion

Video Introduction

Information to be provided

Weather forecast

The weather forecast for today and tomorrow, and the highest and lowest temperatures

+ SONAE information

Delivering contents that help improve disaster preparedness in times of emergency

Earthquake alert

Notice of earthquake alert occuring nationwide


Notice of currently announced weather warning information


Notice of currently announced major Tsunami warning information

Eruption warning

Notice of currently announced eruption warning information

Heat stroke

Notice of currently announced heat stroke information


Umbrella index information and pollen information


It is possible to change the information to distribute meeting your needs.

Disaster alert and progress information

As a disaster alert for a designated municipality, the following information is distributed based on information from Japan Meteorological Agency (there are four in the basic specification).

  • -Earthquake information
  • -Weather warning
  • -Tsunami warning
  • -Pollinosis
  • -Eruption warning
  • -Umbrella index information
  • -Heat stroke
Disaster Knowledge Content

We distribute action suggestion contents at random in normal times and based on the disaster in case of emergency among our 600 contents.
*Algorithms Patented

Easy-to-understand expression and
multi-language delivery are also available!

Visualization of the situation with blue, yellow and red.
Disaster alerts can also be delivered in 15 languages (contents are available in Japanese and English).

L alert (optional)

Disaster alert can also include contents from L Alert provided by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

  • -Informaiton of evacuation
    advisory and order
  • -Civil protection information
  • -Establishment of disaster
    response headquarters
  • -Evacuation center information
  • -River water level information
  • -Tidal information ... etc.

Live Demo

The current information of Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo is reported on the actual screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get information?

Receive real-time information by retrieving regular updates from the cloud API at a specified URL on the web.

Q. How can I see the information?

As long as it's a device equipped with application that can connect to the Internet and browse the web, it can be viewed on any device such as PC, digital signage, tablet, smartphone, car navigation system, etc.

Q. Is it possible to make use of other sensors and data published on the web?

It is possible to incorporate data that is automatically updated and can be acquired via the web.

Q. How much mesh information can you provide?

Basic specifications are based on cities, wards and towns nationwide. When other data such as the specified sensor is utilized, it is possible to distribute according to the specified address.

Q. Is it possible to customize information by account per address?

It can be customized for each account to be issued.