+ SONAE Project + SONAE Project

Planning of communication on disaster prevention SONAE Communication

We support various actions taken by companies and local governments from the perspective of disaster prevention.
Based on the disaster prevention information database accumulated by + SONAE Project,
we make approaches with various factors such as the characteristics of the target population and the region.
Communication with customers and citizens on the theme of disaster prevention is carried out from planning.

We provide the development of
tools such as video, web and printed
matter suitable for the target
and usage scenes.
Content development

We will propose and produce disaster prevention tools with a wide range of users' viewpoints by outputting various contents based on the best information, mainly suggesting actions to SONAE in the event of a disaster.

For example, this kind of content
image Pamphlet

Survey and development of disaster prevention information pamphlets distributed by local governments to citizens

image Introductory book
on disaster

Development of an introductory book on disaster prevention as an additional service produced by manufacturers to customers

image Game

Development of content aimed at a wide range of targets where disaster prevention knowledge can be learned while playing

image Website

Development of a website for disaster prevention information that is useful if you know

We design disaster prevention
contents that meet the needs
of the market, and help you
beginning with the story making.
Creation of selling areas

+ SONAE will be used as a starting point to reinforce the appeal of safety and stimulate awareness and lead to the creation of selling areas.

For example, this kind of selling areas
image Development of
pet disaster
prevention sets

Project to develop disaster prevention sets for pet owners

image Sales proposal

Proposing new ways to buy emergency supplies

We design various contents that
raise disaster prevention
awareness in various places,
and provide scenes which enter
into ordinary life.
Creation of experience opportunities

Through various activities, we aim to acquire know-how and make it a habit by experiencing + SONAE.

For example, this kind of experience opportunities
image Family event

Family event in which you can learn disaster prevention with a joy

image Sports experience

An event that simulates the feelings of people in need of help in the form of a new sport

image Outdoor experience

An event to prepare for emergency with outdoor skills that are useful for everyday life

image Disaster
prevention event

A disaster prevention event where you can acquire the skills to climb while feeling the weight of an emergency bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can disaster prevention knowledge be used as content?

You can make use of SONAE's original contents, and also create contents with your own illustrations.

Q. What happens to the copyright if I use SONAE's original contents?

SONAE's original contents are provided under the copyright of Dentsu Inc., but in the case of original production, we will deal with it separately through consultation.