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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I consult about disaster prevention measures of companies?

Yes. You can consult with us. We provide one-stop support from the design of disaster prevention plans to the development and operation of tools for local governments, companies and various organizations.

Q. Is there a fee for consultation about disaster prevention?

First contact is free. After introducing the service, we will submit an estimate if necessary.

Q. What should I start with for disaster prevention measures?

It depends on design subjects and regional characteristics. Please feel free to contact us.

Q. Is it possible for you to support overseas expansion?

Yes. It can be supported. We will build an optimal system by cooperating with a wide range of partner companies as necessary.

Q. Can I create an original disaster prevention manual?

Yes. It can be created. We will start by hearing your status.

Q. Are + SONAE services customizable to the company's own specifications?

Yes. They are customizable. You can operate them as the company’s original services while using + SONAE services.

Q. Is it possible to collaborate with NPOs and NGOs?

Yes. It can be collaborated. We also have a network with various NGOs and NPOs in the area of disaster prevention, so if necessary, we can coordinate an opportunity for you to exchange opinions with them.

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